Thursday, 27 January 2011


    The clueless fuck head! People are still willing to see these guys perform arena gigs, and both artists are still making albums and are in great periods of their careers. KOL in their most successful period and Slash just released a great album with a refreshed Velvet Revolver to come. Ryan Murphy sorry but you are a dick! Your programme is shit and reliant on stars consent, you're making no friends with this statement against one of the greatest guitarists and musicians we have ever seen, and one of the biggest bands on the planet. TWAT! Rant over!
    I'm not a fan of Glee I'll admit, but I'm not a fan of Kings of Leon either; but I know which one is making the greater contribution to music. KOL have headlined major festivals in the UK over the last couple of years and made some of the best selling music in the UK at the very least, being one of the few rock bands of the 21st Century achieving major chart success. Slash's contribution to music shouldn't need to be spelt out but if so then here goes. Appetite for Destruction anyone? Possibly the definite hard rock/metal album, certainly a contender, and one of the classic albums of popular music in general; and this was from his first band's début album! Then we have following classics from Guns 'N' Roses such as Estranged, November Rain, Don't Cry to name a few. Then his solo Snake-pit albums, Velvet Revolver then his own classic Solo album last year; not to mention being a household name, a figure head and inspiration to not just metal heads but music fans in general. A true legend of music.
    Compare that to Ryan Murphy...Who's contribution to music has involved making a hugely popular TV show involving it has to be said (and I have watched this show before anyone complains) average singers ruining some classic songs and being bloody everywhere causing people who aren't fans of the show to suffer. I was furious when walking into a HMV I was forced to listen to them massacre Queen's Somebody to Love, and I still haven't got over the clip I was shown of them not only crucifying Kiss Classics but also dressing up completely in the wrong places (Gene Simmons, The Demon, was not the fucking drummer!!!!). The only good contribution this song has caused as far as I can see is making Journey's Don't Stop Believing a popular song again, as it deserves.
     If Ryan Murphy thinks that KOL are up their arse's about this, as well as thinking Slash is past it and 'Uneducated and Stupid' then so be it! He is an idiot! And I know for sure who out of the two parties has contributed the most to music! Rant over!

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