Thursday, 26 May 2011

Not Isolated But Part Of The Gang

    In case you were wondering whatever happened to Bath based Death Metallers Ignominious Incarceration (I spelt that first time perfectly! WOO HOO), look no further, II took a name change and became The Soulless. Certainly not an original name for a metal band, not at all, but an infinitely better name in my opinion, a name easier for fans to remember and much catchier. This is not about the new band name however, this is about new album Isolated.

    Technically the second album of this group then, Isolated firstly shows an increased melodic side than II's Of Winter Born, with perhaps an Unearth like influence upon the band now. There is an obvious shift from the more brutal death metal offerings of their début and at times it is almost like listening to a different band, which is not a criticism nor a compliment as such, just an observation.

    Some things have not changed however. Front man Andy Wardole still gives an impressively brutal vocal performance, and the rest of the band can certainly play that is undeniable. It has to be said however that there is nothing new here whatsoever. This is very much familiar melodic death metal which we have heard a lot of before and of which there is an abundance of, and done a lot more memorably by others. This is not to say that this album or band should be discarded at all however, Isolated is an enjoyable listen none the less and songs such as first single Earthbound, Unaltered and Clones will have you headbanging away. The Soulless are undeniably a good band and have the capability to make a fantastic album someday, this however is not it.


Listen to: Unaltered, Earthbound, Revelation                                                            

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