Monday, 27 June 2011

Back to the Mattew's Bridge

   There are very few bands out there who generate such levels of love or hatred than Limp Bizkit, and news of a brand new album either made you fill with rage or bounce around the room like a kid who has had too much cola. I myself fell into the latter category.

    For all the haters out there who will undoubtedly plague the internet with views dripping with venom (unintentional cobra pun there I promise) towards the backwards red-capped fronted band, firstly take a deep breath...and now listen. If you are going to take Limp Bizkit with any sense of seriousness you are a moron, this is dumb and silly and that is how it is meant to be, if you want cutting edge then there are two new Devin Townsend Project albums waiting for you.

    Obviously there are some questions that come to mind when it comes to 'Gold Cobra'. 6 years after 'The Unquestionable Truth' how will new Limp Bizkit sound? Will it be as fun as before? Will there be any pure floor fillers which we know they are capable of? Will Fred Durst get all serious on us? Please no! For all you Bizkit lovers out there you have little to worry about.

    Firstly this is still the Limp Bizkit that us 90's kids loved during our teenage years. Wes's riffs are as bouncy as ever without truly worrying the 'Back In Black's' of the riff world. What is rarely mentioned as well is how bassist Sam Rivers and drummer John Otto are formidable as a rhythm section, and DJ Lethal is still as pointless as ever but we still love him. 'Why Try' still sounds as awesome as it did when first revealed last year and should take rock club floors like a storm, the title track is another stellar tune that will make you jump like an escaped loon as well, although the chorus is rather disappointing when you'd normally expect it to erupt, and 'Autotunage', despite following a very pointless skit about the use of autotune, will have fans grinning from ear to ear.

    There are some issues to address here however. Fred Durst once again fulfils his role as a truly awful lyricist and being the ever reliable guy he is he comes up with some very cringe-worthy lines once again: "Holdin' the gold, it's so golden y'all, the golden cobra", "Why you get robbed like a zombie", and my personal favourite "Flush you turds down the drain, down the hatch throwin' craps". So once again on unintentionally hilarious form here for Fred, and analysing his lyrics is mostly a pointless exercise but even the most loyal 'Bizkit' fan will have some issues here. Bearing in mind that Mr Durst is now into his 40's do we really want him to sing about how he is a "Loser" in the cryptically titled 'Loser'? And the chorus (hell the entirety) of 'Douche Bag' is embarrassing even for Fred. 'Killer In You' see's him going into serial killer territory with genius storytelling skills about a murderer that will have Alice Cooper quivering with jealousy (this is of course a joke),  and in 'Shark Attack' his use of sharks is most probably a metaphor, but this being Fred Durst it could almost as easily simply be a song about being attacked by sharks.

    But in all fairness we don't want Fred Durst to become the Shakespeare of Rap and Metal. If you want poetic rapping with great meaning behind it then listen to Nas. If you want silly, immature raps about shooting people with a shotgun for seemingly no reason whatsoever then pick up 'Gold Cobra'. One last point though...whoever drew that album artwork and let it be used needs shooting with said shotgun. The cobra isn't even golden!


Listen to: Bring It Back, 90.2.10, Why Try




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