Sunday, 27 November 2011

Muggin's Top 20 Of 2011- No's 13-12

No.13- Foo Fighters- Wasting Light

    It has taken quite a bit of time but finally this year, Foo Fighters released an album that proves them worthy of their status as the biggest modern day rock band. Previous albums have spewed out more anthemic hit singles than The X Factor has spewed anonymous half-wits who believe it is their divine right to be bigger than the love-child of Jesus and Justin Bieber; however their albums as of late have not lived up to this status.

    Wasting Light bucks this trend with ease, easily the best Foo Fighters album since 1997's There Is Nothing Left To Lose, arguably their best of all time. There are no definite stand out singles waiting to be released, no songs that are tailor made for your nan to enjoy on Radio 2, just pure and assured arena ready classic rock at some of the best it has been in years. Wasting Light has a more recognisable old school feel to it than much of their other work and, simply put, is brilliant.

    Pretty much every song on here is a potential highlight and will be embedded in your head and have you singing away right from the word go. 'White Limo' perhaps the most stand out track simply for it's constant use of harsh vocals that are the most vicious Dave Grohl has ever recorded. The likes of 'Dear Rosemary' 'These Days' and 'Matter Of Time' are also 100% suited for the massive sing-a-long at summer festivals or in massive arenas.

It isn't just Dave's performance that is striking here, as every single member of the band seems to be on terrific form, Taylor Hawkins especially gives a ferocious career best performance behind the kit. My only surprise about this album is that it has not completely ruled the airwaves much like Green Day's American Idiot album did years ago. Simply summarised, Foo Fighters have finally shown us just why they are perhaps the biggest band on the planet.

Listen To: Rope, Dear Rosemary, Walk

No.12-Decapitated- Carnival Is Forever

      After a brief period of disbandment for Decapitated after a car accident which tragically resulted in the death of drummer 'Vitek', guitarist and 'Vitek's brother 'Vogg' decided to resurrect the band with a new line up. This was an unbelievably brave decision, and thankfully the result is the Polish death-metallers' strongest album to date, Carnival Is Forever.

    Sporting, perhaps understandably under the circumstances, the bands creepiest and darkest album artwork to date, behind the cover is an equally dark, unforgiven and extremely heavy brand of furious death metal. There is seemingly less of a technical death metal sound on show here, Carnival...instead seems more inclined with straight up death metal with greater use of blast-beats, especially on album opener 'The Knife', but it still shows a wide range of style from the extreme metal palette. Also, apart from the inclusion of some eerie instrumental passages, and the serene final track, this is purely in your face and rarely lets you take a breather.

     Carnival Is Forever is an incredibly strong death metal work, especially for a band still relatively young; and with the inclusion of some riffs written by 'Vitek' is a great tribute to the late drummer as it picks up where they left off, trying to bludgeon your face repeatedly with crushing, punishing, extreme metal.

Listen To: United, View From A Hole, Pest

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