Thursday, 1 December 2011

Muggin's Top 20 Of 2011- No's- 9-8

No.9- All Shall Perish- This Is Where It Ends

    Since their previous 2008 release, Awaken The Dreamers, death/deathcore metallers All Shall Perish have had a couple of stumbling blocks to deal with. The departure of both a guitarist and a drummer is always a major blow, so the exits of guitarist Chris Storey and drummer Matt Kuykendall could have left these still young scamps in lumber. Instead the band brought in Francesco Artusato and Adam Pierce and deliver a tremendous effort, and easily their best. Easy really.

     Often tagged as a deathcore act, there is little here to warrant that categorization here; This Is Where It Ends is modern death metal at some of its most dangerous: it is heavy as a truck load of anvils, it is brutal, at times it shows signs of the melodic, and it is also mature and shows coming of age for All Shall Perish. There is masses of technicality on display here but there are even subtle signs of prog thought inside, as well as some quite obvious groove metal nuances thrown in. There are some signs of experimentation but not to the point of distraction.

    Not to mention the vocals! Hernan Hermida gives a monstrous display, almost literally, I am not 100% sure if he isn't a monster. A wide range of ferocious growls on display that make him more than a match for any of the great harsh vocalists out there right now. With good fortune, this album should see All Shall Perish become very big names in the death metal circles; This Is Where It Ends is one of the most crushing, neck snapping albums of the year.

Listen To: There Is Nothing Left, A Pure Evil, Royalty Into Exile

No.8- Ancient VVisdom- A Godlike Inferno

    Probably one of the most underrated releases of the year, but one that should not be missed, Ancient VVisdom (yes, it is spelt with two capital V's, because they can) deliver an unusual, challenging release to some, but a deeply rewarding one. Certainly the 'Sore thumb' of this countdown, but one of the finest releases of the year.

    Ancient VVisdom are a mostly acoustic band, with some folk sounding influences in their artillery, with subject matter based on the occult, the satanic and the pure evil, very similarly to the infamous Black Widow. Despite the purely acoustic guitar work, this still manages to have a unique heaviness than to what we may be accustomed to, using the power of mystery and eeriness rather than being ear splittingly loud.

    A Godlike Inferno is also incredibly memorable; you will be able to hum along to each and every song on here after one listen. Lyrically it also uses repetition to embed into your head almost becoming ritual like chanting, further adding to the albums air of mystery. These elements combine together to form a very strong collection of curious, chilling and mesmerising evil. Challenging, unique and yet strangely comforting and familiar, A Godlike Inferno is a true reward to anyone willing to delve in to the unknown.

Listen To: Alter Reality, The Opposition, Lost Civilization


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