Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Where Has Tippell Been?

Hello Internet peoples! I appear to be back after quite a while, and I apologise for that.

As of late once again, uni assignments have kind of got in the way of posting on here, but in addition I have been writing still, but for a Alternative Matter webzine, and now ThisIsNotAScene due to the two merging.

Just thought I would say that for the legions of readers (ok, maybe just me) I am still going to be posting on here on occasion, if not as regularly as before. I won't be so regular sadly (when were you you tit?), but this blog will still be active, and will still have reviews and the odd piece on whatever is occurring in our world of heavy and challenging music.

Tippell never left bitches :D

You can now also check my writings on here for future reference :D

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