Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Good Day To You All

    Hello there. This pointless post is merely to start this blog thing rolling (Im completely new to this so bare with me). As you may have already gathered my name is Chris, and I am a student, therefore this blog will be updated whenever I find time within my busy schedule of sleeping, brief studying then watching crap tv and playing xbox.
    Joking aside, music is a very important part of my life, and im sure many people's lives. Music has an effect on pretty much every aspect of how we feel; Music can make you smile, make you cry, make you feel empowered, feel relaxed, feel inspired and motivated. Pieces of music can remind us of happy times, dark days, people in our past, or even who are still around and generally can make us feel good about ourselves and better no matter what. This is certainly the case with me. 
    I am pretty obsessed when it comes to music (Mostly Hard Rock and Metal, but I will listen and enjoy most things, but not quite as much as Hard Rock and Metal) I have to say. I am the little fan boy who avidly looks everyday in the hope of news from my favourite artists, new tours (although as a lowly poor student going to gigs is now a rare occurrence), new albums etc. When money allows I will often rush out to buy brand new albums from bands and artists I love, as well as magazines. Listening to music, I am also very passionate about writing about music, which is where this blog comes in. 
    This blog will contain album reviews and my thoughts and opinions about bands, artists and events in the music world (Can only really give thoughts about Hard Rock and Metal if i'm honest, but if I can I will try to diversify), and I hope this will help develop my abilities as a writer, any feedback is very much appreciated. I hope you enjoy my future ramblings :). 

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