Thursday, 4 November 2010

Stone Sour- Audio Secrecy

Time for my first real post on here. This is a piece I wrote a little while ago, an album review of the new Stone Sour album Audio Secrecy

Following the tragic passing of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray and a successful performance at this year’s Download festival, this album is highly anticipated and certainly under the spotlight as to what Corey Taylor and co will pull off. Thought of by many as a mere side project; and the heaviness of said band, it is striking how far away from the Slipknot sound Audio Secrecy is, even more so than the two previous albums. Whilst heavier moments remain (e.g. Mission Statement, Unfinished) and there is undoubtedly some hints towards Slipknot’s inspiration this album veers more to mainstream, radio ready rock anthems , whilst still sticking to the Stone Sour sound fans will recognise. Single Say You’ll Haunt Me being a prime example, easily suited to radio, yet Corey’s growl still included.  Corey’s impressive vocal skills once again on show, showing he is a fantastic singer on the albums numerous ballads; most impressively the Alice In Chains inspired Imperfect followed by the beautiful Miracles, to a grittier vocal styling on The Bitter End. Whilst not all the songs are necessarily the most memorable; and this isn't perhaps the bands best effort yet (Come What(ever) May being a very hard album to beat), this is mostly an impressive showing, and proof that Stone Sour are more than just a side project.


Listen to: Imperfect, Say You’ll Haunt Me, Dying

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