Saturday, 23 April 2011

Believe the Hype

Foo Fighters- Wasting Light

    In the months coming up to the release of the Foo's latest album there has been a lot of hype about how this is album is going to be amazing, this album is their best album yet, it's going to be one of if not THE best album of the year. So lets cut to the chase now and put some things to bed: Believe the hype, this album IS amazing and is quite possibly their best album yet and the best album of the year (certainly thus far).

    This album more than lives up to the hype that has surrounded it for several months before it's release. Teaser track, the stellar White Limo easily being the heaviest track on the album and only hinted at how great, and instantly memorable and anthemic the rest of the album is. Album opener Bridge Burning kicks proceedings off to a flying start, showing the whole band playing at full force at the top of their game, Taylor Hawkins especially giving a career best performance behind the kit, and from the opener to the closer, Walk the album doesn't let up the good times whatsoever.

    Unlike previous albums where there maybe more memorable songs that stand head and shoulders above the rest (usually the singles), Wasting Light doesn't have just a handful of memorable songs, each and every one will have you singing away hours later and pretty much every chorus will happily be embedded into your memory after approximately 2-3 listens. The songs are of such a high quality as well, the aforementioned White Limo is quite possibly the heaviest song this band has ever made, Arlandria and These Days are perfect for the arrival of the UK summer and Dear Rosemary is a contender for the best song Dave Grohl has ever written, and that is saying something.

    This album will have you singing away listen after listen after listen, and will not fail to put a smile on your face, especially as you chill in the sun, with a cool beverage with your mates, this album should be the soundtrack to your summer. This album RULES! End of! Album of the year? Quite possibly. Best rock album of the 21st Century? Likewise.


Listen to: Dear Rosemary, These Days, Bridge Burning

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