Thursday, 28 April 2011

Warning warning warning, may make head explode!

    By now you will have heard (unless of course you have been living under a rock for a considerable amount of time) about the legendary live show of Skindred, a band thought to be unparalleled on the live stage. It is possible however that you have missed that they also have a quite impressive back catalogue under their belts as well. Well they do, however each of their previous albums has just been topped.
    This is the first Skindred album to be produced in the UK (previously choosing to record in the U.S) and it is certainly noticeable, and by the sounds of it, about time too. Kicking off with the most unique and catchy renditions of God Save The Queen (with differing lyrics) you will have heard (does the Sex Pistols' classic count? Probably not), this is an album that wears its British heritage on its sleeve in flashing neon colours. Their dub-step influences being so much more prominent than on previous output without straying away from their punk and metal elements, this is perhaps their most 'in your face' record to date, in fact if it could this album would probably jump from your player and grab you by the throat if it could.
    Lead single Warning is guaranteed to rule rock and metal club floors everywhere, and features an inspired cameo from Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix highlighting their metal/hard rock credentials. Doom Riff shows their dub-step influences through and through to staggering effect, whilst Guntalk sounds like hard dancehall/reggae, showing frontman Benji's unbelievable diversity to full effect. Every song on this album is impressive, with no weak point whatsoever, each and every song is more than capable of ripping dance floors apart.

    The huge dub-step elements on display here show that Skindred that cross over appeal of bands such as The Prodigy, and are well and truly capable of being embraced by a wider audience. Skindred remain in a league of their own, but on the evidence on here, they would crush all comers anyway.


Listen to: Warning, Cut Dem, Death To All Spies

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